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Facebook Lead Ads

Have you started using Facebook Lead Ads yet?

Lead ads make it simple for many marketers to ask for information from the user like their name, email address and more valuable information. Another big plus is the user never has to leave outside of the Facebook platform.

If you own a Facebook business page your main goal should be to create an engaging community of fans and focus on building a huge email list by generating targeted leads. If this is your goal then Lead Ads may just be for you and it really is a much simpler way of collecting those leads. Lead Ads makes it very simple between the user and your adverts offer. Once the ad is clicked on by the user their profile name and email address is populated and the user can click submit saving the user typing time and no room for typos.

Normally we would collect leads from a landing page living outside of Facebook, but with Lead Ads the form stays within Facebook and populates with the information you request when setting up the form.

What is so great about this method is you know you are collecting a true email address and you can say goodbye to fake emails. Now with this being said, it does not mean that the email address would still be an active one later down the road if the owner decides to disgard it, but it still remains true that at this moment you are capturing a true email address and building a targeted list.

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Lead Ads look like any other Facebook advertisement with a CTA(call-to-action) button, but when the user clicks on the ad they are shown the form already populated and all the user needs to do is just click submit and the information collected will be stored for you under “Publishing Tools” and then “Lead Ad Forms”. To retrieve the leads you would simply click Export to download a CSV file…but the best way to handle these leads is to integrate them automatically to your CRM.

When setting up the Lead Ad you will be able to provide a website link so the user can click the link after the form has been submitted. The CTA’s you are provided with are “Apply Now”, “Get Quote”, “Download”, “Learn More”, “Sign Up”, or “Subscribe”.

Facebook Lead Ads are also much simpler to create, and not as time consuming as regular Facebook Ads in which you first create an offer, then you need to create the form to capture the leads and create the landing page for the form. The load time for the form is also very fast.

Here are just a few benefits of using Facebook Lead Ads:

  • Load time is faster.

  • Form is automatically populated with the users profile information.

  • No landing page is required.

  • Cost per reach is cheaper for mobile….although available for desktop as well.

and the most important part is…


In other words, when you pay for Facebook Ads, the likes, engagement, clicks to websites, custom audiences are all stored within Facebook’s server and you have no control over them without going through Facebook. With Lead Ads you can own those leads by downloading them and adding them to your current email list where you will have complete control over those email addresses collected. You can send out a message to your list at anytime you want.

To place the Lead Ad simply go to your Ads Manager or Power Editor and click on “Create Campaign”, then under objectives click “Lead Generation”. You must provide a link to your Privacy Policy page, so make sure you have one ready to use before placing the ad.

You also want to make sure you have the Facebook pixel installed to continue to build your targeted audience through custom conversions as you can target this audience through Lead Ads as well when placing other Facebook ad campaigns.

I have had great success with Lead Ads so far…have you?

Let me know if you have tried Facebook Lead Ads and what results you have had below?

How To Make Your Facebook Cover Photo Fit Correctly On Mobile

Do you have a Facebook page? If you do you have you noticed how your cover photo does not fit correctly on mobile?

Well I have the solution to where your cover photo will fit on screen on both desktop and mobile.

When creating our Facebook cover photo at the size that Facebook recommends at 851 wide x 315 pixels high…the cover photo looks great on desktop but ends up truncated and part of it cut off on mobile.

The solution is to make your cover photo 160 pixels higher…by designing one at 851 wide x 475 pixels high. But when uploading the cover photo for Facebook, make sure the top if the cover photo is positioned at the top and the extra 160 pixels will position itself for mobile. This allows the full width of your cover photo visible on mobile.

If you are new to marketing online you can go here and download my free ebook called “Social Media For Your Business” and it walks you step-by-step on the different social media platforms and how to get started.

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Build A Massive Email List Through Social Media

Building a lucrative email list should be your main priority for your business. Your focus should be to build your list with quality subscribers rather than focusing on quantity. When done correctly and by nurturing your list it will soon grow to a large quantity but try to focus on quality subscribers by targeting your right audience. With a quality email list, you can work on building relationships and converting subscribers into buyers.

Email is still one of the cheapest and most effective forms of online marketing, it should be your main focus when it comes to your online business. Almost everyone has an email address, and unlike a list of connections in social media, you OWN that email list. Yes some will unsubscribe, but if you are communicating right with valuable insight to your subscribers they will stay with you and trust you forever. Email is much more reliable, direct, and a personal way to get in touch with your subscribers at anytime you like.

Social media can bring much success when building your email list but many marketers are not following through. This is worth repeating…YOU CAN BUILD A MASSIVE EMAIL LIST THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA!

If you are new to marketing online you can go here and download my free ebook called “Social Media For Your Business” and it walks you step-by-step on the different social media platforms and how to get started.

Now I absolutely am a huge fan of Facebook and I do a ton of marketing campaigns where I build out funnels through custom conversions and creating lookalike audiences, but when you depend on social media for your only business strategy it is very risky. Facebook for example has the EdgeRank metrics which limits your reach. Twitter is so busy that there is very short time in which you can get a user’s attention. Many marketers focus on how many Facebook page likes they have, or lookalike audiences they have built, but you will never own your likes or audiences and they can be taken away from you by just one Facebook algorithm change. Yes it’s important to engage and grow your likes and build a targeted audience but if your main goal is not building your list then you are missing out on true success.

Email subscribers are your real business assets. You own and have complete control over your email lists and can use them for creating long term strategies. So the smart thing to do is if you are on social media is to concentrate on building your list.

The majority of your targeted audience is active on the popular social networks and you can share great value but just remember your goal should be to drive additional visitors to your website, opt in page or blog to grow your email list. For Facebook users, yes we all want likes, comments, and shares, and we need that engagement for higher EdgeRank but our ultimate goal is to get that visitor to click and opt in to our email list.

Your sales funnel will consist of your freebie, your main offer, upsell and downsell offers but the right freebie must first attract their attention so they will opt in to your list. Content doesn’t just have to be blog posts and social media content. You can use how-to guides, reports, templates, worksheets, and checklists or anything else that the target audience will view as useful information. But to attract the right subscriber and own a quality email list, your freebie should be in line with your paid offer. You want to attract subscribers who are willing to pay you for your products or services down your sales funnel.

Many marketers stop right after the sale and do not segment their list out. Now this another training for another day but it’s very important to take the time to segment your list by behavior and certain actions your subscriber takes to create other marketing campaigns that really put your sales conversions in high gear. You can then target by geographic location, age, gender, persona and other creative marketing techniques.

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O.K. so over to you…let me know in the comments below what you think of list building through the power of social media.


Facebook Live Video

Now that more and more people are watching Live videos, Facebook has launched Live Videos as a new content type – different from normal videos – and learning how to rank them for people in News Feed. Currently they have rolled out Facebook Live on iOS in December and last week they began rolling it out on Android in the US.

Facebook’s Live Video feature is essentially a way for users of the social network to broadcast live video from their phones. There is no need to download a separate app like Periscope or Meerkat; the feature is on the main Facebook app itself. Users of the social network can watch those video streams right on their Facebook feeds.

Facebook’s algorithm will also push live video streams to the top of your News Feed giving your live video top priority for your fans.

If you are just getting started with Facebook you can download our free training on how to set up and build a following on all the major social media platforms by clicking this link here.

To broadcast through your profile, tap to update your status and click the Live icon. Next, write a description and chose an audience before hitting the Go Live button. You can point the camera at yourself or outward to capture your surroundings.

During the broadcast, you can see the number of live viewers, which friends are tuning in and comments in real time. While people are watching you, invite those viewers to tap the Subscribe button. This way, they’ll get notified the next time you’re live.

After you end your video, it will automatically be saved on your timeline. You can click on the date of your video on your timeline and edit it if you would like.

For marketers…end with a call to action. Include a simple call to action at the end of your video, such as to visit your website or private message you for more information on the topic.

If your video is from your Facebook business page, you may want to consider getting more visibility through Ads Manager by creating a video ad from your Live broadcast.

What do you think? Have you streamed using Facebook Live yet? Do you have a plan for live streaming? Please share your thoughts in the comments.