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In order to reach a massive and global audience on the internet your website must have a high search engine optimization placement and remain there. An SEO expert handles search engine optimization in several ways to achieve high ranking websites. Positioning or ranking your website high in the search engines can be achieved and if your website can stay high enough on top remains one of the most effective ways of reaching a large audience.

But the results for most, often deliver poor results and most people do not know how to achieve a listing in the search engines at all because they do not know the simple basics of search engine optimization and placement strategy. When your business relies on traffic to your website this is a major problem when a significant budget is allocated to web design, search engine optimization and placement and other web advertising.

Since I’ve been successfully placing websites for my clients for 18 years on top of search engine results, even before Search Engine Optimization became so popular, I want to share some basic facts and hope that you can succeed in placing your website high in the search engines.

Steps for Top Ranking in Search Engines


Generating keyword rich website content maximizes search engine ranking potential and this helps bring targeted customers to your website. To help determine your most effective keywords or phrases, you can use Wordtracker or use the keywords that you need your potential customers to find your website. You must use keywords that you might think someone would use to find you. Take a few minutes to think about your keywords. Ask yourself this question; “Would I search using this particular keyword phrase? If this is the keyword you want to use then use Wordtracker or Overture to see how many times this keyword and/or phrase was used for this month. Sometimes a search count for any given keyword phrase that was searched less may be better to use than one that has had thousands of searches. For instance; Search Engine Optimization was searched for 120,636 times in October but search engine optimization service was searched for 17,705 times. You should consider using longer phrases that have a better chance to rank for both search results. You should also do a search yourself in Google and see how many websites pertain to this particular subject. For instance if Google has thousands of websites in the directory for one given keyword phrase you might consider using a phrase that searches less websites. This will help your website rank higher because it will not have to compete with so many other sites that use the same keyword phrase. Use your keywords in the title, description, and also in the body. Your first three paragraphs should have your keywords in them. Do not put to many, a rule of thumb is to have the same keyword added once to every paragraph. Optimize all pages within your web portal the same way linking each page to your homepage using keyword hyperlink text.


Search engines can have problems with spidering the following: Links accessible solely through frames, image maps, or JavaScript, Flash, JavaScript and Dynamic URLs. If this describes pages on your website you may not achieve a high search engine listing. If you can try to build your website without them and strive for that high ranking website you are trying to achieve. If you are an advanced web designer, then cascading style sheets, CSS, is a big plus. Use clean html to build and develop your website and remember content is key. The search engines look for content rich websites.


Start link building with web directories. Yahoo and Google are the two biggest search engines. Being listed in these two engines alone can generate huge amounts of traffic to your website. By generating links to your website in high page ranking directories these two search engines will soon spider your link and will add your website to their directory. Do a search for web directory and submit to some of them. The directories that come up the highest in the search rankings will probably generate the most traffic to your site. Stay away from link farms, or any site that displays more than 30 links on any given page as the search engines usually frown on these sites.

If you do all this in these 3 steps you should start to see your website ranking in Google and other search engines within a month.

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