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Let’s face it...there are some websites that the web site designer had design in mind or how far up in the search engines they can rank and it stops there. Over the years I have repeatedly seen too many web designer mistakes. Some designers focus only on design while others focus on search engine ranking. How do we balance this out? I have listed the most common web design flaws below.

 Too many images
 Sites built in Photoshop
 Tables width, where viewer has to scroll to the right and left
 Too much animation
 Navigation problems
 Poor use of frames
 Too much advertising
 Large welcome banners
 Mouse-over errors
 Under construction pages and/or signs
 Scrolling text in the status bar
 Animated bullet
 No organization
 No address, city or state

All of the above web design flaws can kill your search engine visibility. Search engines can have problems with listing websites that have mostly images, use frames, etc. The search engines look for content rich websites with the use of meta tags, links and properly coded html. When a web designer is focused only on the design they overlook the following:

 Title tag missing or improperly used
 Meta tags missing or improperly used
 Front and backend optimization
 No keywords on page or overuse of keywords
 Links that are not keyword enriched

Designing your website with a professional look and feel with the search engines in mind will greatly benefit your online experience. To gain a potential client will only come by how professional and trustworthy your website is and how they found you in the search engines. A professional web designer will focus on design and exposure at the same time. If you are shopping for a web site designer then view both designed sites and optimization for these same websites the designer has built.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR : All Day Web based in Houston Texas is a professional website design company and we deliver SEO services along with PPC campaigns, and social media marketing. We are experts when it comes to highly ranked dynamic websites for more leads and conversions for our clients. Need help? Click here to contact us for more information.

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